Martie Floyd and Vern May Get Inducted into Hall of Fame

The Kansas Cooperative Council is pleased to announce the 2021 Kansas Cooperative Hall of Fame inductees, Vern May, Wichita, and Martie Floyd of Johnson.

Martie Floyd, lifelong resident of Johnson, KS, will be recognized for his decades of service to both the agriculture and electric cooperative industries in Kansas.  Mr. Floyd has been an esteemed leader throughout his life, tirelessly giving back to his community.  He was nominated for his advocacy, innovation, and vision that has ensured the cooperative’s relevancy, value, and ability to lead.  From his years of service on the Board of Directors for Farmland Industries, Pioneer Electric, and Skyland Grain, Martie has exemplified a broad reach of the cooperative leadership and innovation across the state of Kansas and surrounding states.  He personifies the cooperative principles and ideals and is a steadfast advocate for the promotion of cooperatives.

Vern May’s contribution to the cooperative industry spans over 40 years.  Mr. May started his cooperative career in the early 1970’s in the cooperative banking system with the Wichita Bank for Cooperatives, known today as CoBank.  In this role, Vern worked directly with Managers and Board of Directors in strategy, vision, and finance and was instrumental in helping them to successfully navigate the tumultuous landscape in Midwest agriculture.  Quickly recognized as a respected leader, he was elected to serve the National Society of Cooperative Accountants, Kansas, Colorado, and Oklahoma Cooperative Councils to name a few.  He is congratulated on his dedication to cooperatives through his integrity as a mentor, educator, advisor, and financier to many.

The Kansas Cooperative Hall of Fame was established in 1999 to honor individuals in Kansas who have been instrumental in developing and spreading the cooperative philosophy.  To date, 51 cooperators from all types of cooperatives have been inducted to this elite group.  The Hall of Fame is important for recognizing the contributions of co-op pioneers and honoring those who have gone “above and beyond the call” in advancing the cooperative movement.